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Get A Brief History About The Golf sport

Golf is one of the most popular and classic sports which can play using clubs and balls. In this game, players need to hit the ball with different clubs and win this game, and players need to put the ball in the hole with the lowest number of strokes or swings of the clubs. Golf is a game enjoyed and played by all, from youth to everyone loves to play it. Few people like to play this game to enjoy the outdoors and also for relaxation. The area in which golf is played is called a Golf course. Unlike other games, the size of the golf course is not fixed. The design and length of the course vary from place to place. Maybe somewhere, the course is small, and in some, the design and length are completely different and big. So there is no fixed size of the court. This is one of the reasons why it is so interesting and famous. People love to play and have the experience of playing in different courses with different designs. Some of the golf courses are very famous today because of their difficulties and their beautiful designs. The most famous golf course with an eye-pleasing design is the Augusta National golf club. It is in the United States. The same place where every year some big tournament takes place. The Master Golf, which is one of the biggest tournaments in the field of Golf happening.

Golf sport history

In each course, nearly 9 to 18 holes are built-in. Players need to target the whole for achieving points. The hole is on the smoother side with short grasses, which is known as green. It takes many shorts for the golfer to make the ball reach the green sides; once it is on the green, the golfer puts the ball in the hole using a putter. Everything is noted down, and once every golfer completes it, the marks are added, and it is checked which golfer used the lowest strokes to put the ball in the hole. The golfer with the lowest strokes wins the game.   A brief history:   There is so much debate on the origination of this sport. According to the historical and archaeological facts, Golf was first ever played in Scotland during the 15th century.  
  • On Feb 26, a game was played in dutch. The accessories used were leather balls and sticks, and it was played in the year 1297. For winning this game, the players needed to hit the leather ball with sticks and whoever managed to hit the ball to the target, which was very far with the least strokes, was the winner of the game. The method was quite similar to what today’s golf sports follow.
  • The game was also banned in Scotland because King James 2 issued documentation that appeared in 1457. The game got banned as the king stopped everyone from playing the game because he said it is an unprofitable game and should be stopped from playing immediately.
  • The first-ever golf course in Scotland was built in the year 1774. It was named Company of the Edinburgh Golfers, and after some time, the first-ever guides and rules for golf were also made.
  • Many golf courses are made between the 18th and 19th centuries. Today all have become a historical mark for their respective states. Some examples of such golf courses are Royal club, 1842 in India, PGA in the United States in 1916, and many more.
Rules and guidelines of Golf sports:  
  • The rules are simple, the player needs to shoot the ball from the tee to the green, and the person with the least strokes wins the game.
  • The player has the freedom to use 14 clubs only, not more than that.
  • In case of balls getting stuck and found, a player needs to play from the exact location, movement of the ball is allowed, any manipulation in the locations of the ball can't be done.
  • The player can ask the partner for advice. Anyone else is not allowed to give advice.
  • The total score at the end is made and expressed in the par. Over par or under par. Par refers to the number of strokes expected by a player for competing for the full hole. Scoring below par is always good as this means that the player shot the ball using the lowest number of scores, even less than the expected strokes, which increases the chances of winning if the other player strokes are more.
 Golf tournaments:   Every country has its tournaments that take place, but on the international level, two of the biggest golf tournaments that take place are the below.  
  • PGA International tour: This tour is done on a very big scale, and the competition is very high among the players. On an annual basis, this tour is played in collaboration with IGF, where top golf players compete.
  • Golf World Championship: This event was played first even in 1999, and till the year 2016, it was a prestigious event for any golf player. It is organized under PGA, which is a group of four events for the golfers.
  Today, Golf is very famous among everyone, because of the style and uniqueness of this sport. It was also added as a part of the Olympic Games in Paris in 1990. At that time, the event was different for men and women. Men had 36 hole events, and for women's, only nine holes events. But because of a few reasons, it was discontinued in the Olympics games. Later it again came to the Olympics in the year 2016. This time it was a 72hole stroke for both men as well as women. If you are the person who has an interest in playing golf, or your kid likes to play golf, then don't stop and kill your talents. Start playing today, make your golf course and play whenever you want.